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Replacement HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery

Brand new replacement HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery for your Pavilion DM3-1047CL laptop. Our HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL batteries are produced under the highest industry standard and quality control and made up of Grade-A battery cell(Panasonic).

    Type : Li-Ion ;Color : Black;Volt : 11.1V

    Size : 205.20x54.50x21.30mm ;Capacity :5400mAh ;Cells : 6 Cell

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Warranty : Full 1 Year,30-days money back
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HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery

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This replacement HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery is the highest quality product you can buy which has passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ). No memory effect, works great as a spare providing extra power when traveling or away from the home/office. Long life, these HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL batteries can be charged/discharged 500-750 cycles( have passed rigorously tested ). Every piece HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery pack combination protection by the PCP board, PCM board, intellectual power measurement circuit : automatically adjusts the charging time to achieve the maximum amount of charge, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection.

We offer superb pre-sales and after-sales service, warranty this HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery full 1 year and 30-days money back,100% OEM compatible with the original HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL laptop battery. Also our HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL laptop battery have take rigid test to ensure stability and safety for users before out of the battery manufactory. Usually this high capacity( 6 Cell 5400mAh ) HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery offer same even higher utilisation period than that of the original HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery.

Thanks for buy HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery at salebattery.de. In order to ensure the quality of this HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery and let you 100% satisfied with our product, before shipment we will test the quality.

HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL Battery Compatible Part No.

  • HSTNN-E02C
  • HSTNN-E03C
  • VG586AA
  • VG586AA#UUF
  • FD06
  • 538692-351
  • 538692-541
  • 577093-001

HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL Battery Fits Model

  • Pavilion dm3
  • Pavilion dm3-1001au
  • Pavilion dm3-1014tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1032tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1001ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1014tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1033tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1001tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1015ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1034tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1002ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1015eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1035br
  • Pavilion dm3-1002tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1015tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1035dx
  • Pavilion dm3-1003ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1015tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1035ef
  • Pavilion dm3-1003tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1016ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1035eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1003tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1016tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1035tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1004ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1017tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1039wm
  • Pavilion dm3-1004tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1018tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1040ef
  • Pavilion dm3-1004tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1019ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1040eg
  • Pavilion dm3-1004xx
  • Pavilion dm3-1019tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1040ei
  • Pavilion dm3-1005ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1020ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1040ek
  • Pavilion dm3-1005tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1020ca
  • Pavilion dm3-1040eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1005tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1020ea
  • Pavilion dm3-1040ev
  • Pavilion dm3-1006au
  • Pavilion dm3-1020eb
  • Pavilion dm3-1040ez
  • Pavilion dm3-1006ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1020ec
  • Pavilion dm3-1040us
  • Pavilion dm3-1006tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1020ed
  • Pavilion dm3-1044nr
  • Pavilion dm3-1007au
  • Pavilion dm3-1020ef
  • Pavilion dm3-1047cl
  • Pavilion dm3-1007ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1020eg
  • Pavilion dm3-1047nr
  • Pavilion dm3-1007tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1020eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1048la
  • Pavilion dm3-1008ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1020er
  • Pavilion dm3-1050ee
  • Pavilion dm3-1008eg
  • Pavilion dm3-1021ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1050en
  • Pavilion dm3-1008tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1021tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1050eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1009ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1022ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1050ep
  • Pavilion dm3-1009tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1022tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1050er
  • Pavilion dm3-1010ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1023ca
  • Pavilion dm3-1050ss
  • Pavilion dm3-1010ea
  • Pavilion dm3-1023tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1053xx
  • Pavilion dm3-1010eb
  • Pavilion dm3-1024ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1055eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1010ed
  • Pavilion dm3-1024ca
  • Pavilion dm3-1058nr
  • Pavilion dm3-1010eg
  • Pavilion dm3-1025ez
  • Pavilion dm3-1060ea
  • Pavilion dm3-1010ej
  • Pavilion dm3-1025sa
  • Pavilion dm3-1060ef
  • Pavilion dm3-1010el
  • Pavilion dm3-1026tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1060eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1010eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1027tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1060er
  • Pavilion dm3-1010et
  • Pavilion dm3-1028tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1060es
  • Pavilion dm3-1010ev
  • Pavilion dm3-1030ea
  • Pavilion dm3-1065eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1010ew
  • Pavilion dm3-1030ed
  • Pavilion dm3-1070ea
  • Pavilion dm3-1010tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1030ef
  • Pavilion dm3-1070eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1011tu
  • Pavilion dm3-1030eg
  • Pavilion dm3-1070es
  • Pavilion dm3-1011tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1030ei
  • Pavilion dm3-1075eo
  • Pavilion dm3-1012ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1030er
  • Pavilion dm3-1080ef
  • Pavilion dm3-1012tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1030sa
  • Pavilion dm3-1080es
  • Pavilion dm3-1013ax
  • Pavilion dm3-1030us
  • Pavilion dm3-1090es
  • Pavilion dm3-1013tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1031tx
  • Pavilion dm3-1095es
  • Pavilion dm3t-1000 CTO
  • Pavilion dm3z-1000 CTO

Some tips for increase the length of HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery

1. Please carefully read the instructions before use the battery.
2. new HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery for the first time use, make sure to run out all the power, then to charge about 12 hours.
4. Best to use a dedicated AC adapter for charging the new HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL batteries
3. Best to turn off your HP laptop when the Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery charging, don't unplug the power charging or use your computer when in charging.
5. If don't use laptop for a long time, please remove the HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL battery,and placed it in ventilated and dry place.
6. Should avoid excessively high or low temperature environment to use the HP Pavilion DM3-1047CL laptop battery, the temperature is too low or high will affect the battery life.

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